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​Offshoring with a difference. Innovation.

Our Vision

To become the number-one preferred & trusted IT service company worldwide!

Our Objective

To provide quality software development at a competitive price and value-added software solutions to clients globally.

Our Beliefs

We believe...
...quality IT services can be acquired at an affordable price.
...people do business with people, where integrity and reputation mean everything! face value.
...word of mouth, personal references, & "care" are the best marketing approach! respect, transparency, & honesty are the keys to success in any business.

Our Story

PTN Global was founded by Tam Phan who is based in Melbourne, Australia. Tam has worked in the IT industry for almost 30 years and was the Managing Director of TMA Solutions Australia between 2011 and 2019. Prior to TMA Solutions, Tam was the Business Lead of the Telstra Self Service Channel Transformation Program where he then went on to become the Co-Founder and CTO of eXceed Global.


Tam has always been passionate about providing solutions in the IT industry. His experience has helped him identify opportunities to solve the shortage of qualified IT personnel and stringent time to market by crafting a hybrid model that seeks better results and outputs with lesser business risk and costs for his clients.

PTN Global’s Main Office is based in Melbourne, Australia.The Development Center is located in Vietnam. With our offshore team located in Vietnam, we provide the very best combination of offshore expertise and face to face interactions to make sure you always know who it is that you are dealing with.

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Our Core Values



Trust & Mutual Respect


Listen & Learn

Core Values



“PTN has become an integral part of our IT delivery team. They have been able to provide wide ranging skills and have enabled us to meet tight timelines.”

Kyle Mathers

Chief Technology Officer

Member Benefits Australia


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